After Hours Study Space

Looking for somewhere to study after 1 AM? The Podium Building (POD) offers five floors of accessible study space available to Ryerson students.

Your OneCard is programmed to grant you access to the 350 Victoria Street entrance of the LIB connected to the POD 24/7. If you have any issues accessing the building, call Ryerson Security at 416-979-5040 or use the buzzer panel located at the entrance of the Library building.


Q: Is this study space accessible?

A: Yes. There is an accessible ramp at the entrance of the Library building, as well as an elevator inside the building for access to each floor.

Q: Can I leave and come back?

A: Ryerson student OneCards grant you access to the building after hours, which means you can leave and return at any time. There are in-and-out privileges as needed. It is advised that you do not leave your belongings unattended.

Q: Does Ryerson Security roam this area after hours?

A: Ryerson’s Security team provides 24-hour service on campus. This means they have staff routinely patrolling campus to ensure all areas are safe. During exam season, you can expect more presence from their team in the POD. There are also multiple services they provide throughout the year, such as a Walk Safe program. More information can be found on their website.

Q: The ServiceHub can be loud. Where else can I go?

A: The ServiceHub is a common area of the POD, but there are 5 floors of study space that are available and accessible after hours. Please refer to the visual.

Q: Can the classrooms in the POD be used as study space after hours?

A: Classrooms that are unlocked and not in use for scheduled programming can be used as after hours study space.

Q: Can I move furniture to accommodate my group study needs in the classrooms?

A: Yes. Feel free to arrange desks and chairs in a  way that suits your study needs. Refrain from blocking any exits or emergency paths. Please return the space to a standard classroom set-up when you are finished.  

Q: Is the POD staffed after hours?

A: Ryerson Security as well as Campus Facilities and Sustainability (CF&S) staff are on campus 24/7. That said, the expectation is that our community members will be vigilant in self-monitoring and everyone will be respectful of other’s study needs.

Q: How do we ensure the space is kept clean?

A: Students are encouraged to enjoy food and drink as they normally would in the POD. Microwaves are available for use on the Lower Ground and 1st floors. Vending machines are located on all 5 floors of the POD for your convenience. Please help keep the place clean by placing your garbage and recycling in the appropriate bins and wiping any messes on tables and microwaves. If a spill occurs, you can contact Security at extension 5040 who will report it to the CF&S staff.

Q: Safety First.  How do I contact security?

A: 416-979-5040 (external phones) or ext. 5040 (internal phones) is the general purpose line that will connect you with a Ryerson’s Security & Emergency Services 24/7 communications staff.

Dialing “80” is the number to call from internal phones in case of emergency.

Campus payphones also have FREE one touch emergency dialing to Security & Emergency Services.  For more informationon contacting Security, click here