No Alcohol Policy

It is illegal and against Ontario liquor laws for minors (under age 19, in Ontario) to possess, sell, procure, or consume alcohol. It is against Toronto Metropolitan University policy for any person to consume alcoholic beverages in a common area on University property that is not licensed.* It is against Toronto Metropolitan University policy to have open alcohol in hallways, common lounges, or stairwells on University property.

Individuals who choose to consume alcohol, initiate or engage in activities or events with alcohol held on SLC property are responsible for their own conduct and for acting within the confines of the law and this Policy. SLC staff will intervene when alcohol is used illegally or when its abuse leads to conduct that endangers the individual(s) involved or others, or that results in damage to the property of the University, disrupts its activities, or interferes with the rights of other persons.

Consequences for any inappropriate behaviour on campus related to the use of alcohol/drugs may be addressed through the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct (Policy 61).

*Alcohol use and service on campus is governed by the Liquor License Act of Ontario, and the associated regulations under the Act. Permission to rent or use Toronto Metropolitan University campus facilities does not automatically convey the privilege of alcohol licensing. The use and service of alcohol in a campus facility is administered through the Director, University Business Services and is coordinated by the booking contact. Licensing facilities is dependent on meeting all of the provincial and municipal approvals and the conditions applied by the Director, University Business Services, which include all arrangements for the delivery and service of alcohol to be served in the facility.