Amphitheatre FAQ

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How big is the Amphitheatre?

  • The Amphitheatre is an L-shaped space filled with tiered casual seating for approximately 100 people overlooking an open concept floor with over 800 square feet of unobstructed space (standing room for approx. 90 people). Activities can also engage many indirect participants due to the open design. 

What kind of activities can I host in the Amphitheatre?

  • Be creative! Priority will be given to activities that are non-traditional in their approach to programming, use of space and  student engagement. To qualify, your event needs to meet Amphitheatre criteria.

What criteria is used to determine if activities are Amphitheatre ready?

 Your activity must:

  1. Be reputation-enhancing by design
  2. Enhance the academic and overall student experience
  3. Be intentional in its effort to collaborate with an existing group/initiative/activity/resource on campus
  4. Be welcoming to any student or TMU community member
  5. Be inclusive in considering how to make the activity accessible by minimizing barriers for attendance

What does “be reputation-enhancing by design” mean? 

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  • The SLC is Toronto Met’s front door on Yonge Street and a world-class learning destination. Design your activity keeping in mind that the Amphitheatre is in a high-traffic location and is Toronto Met’s gateway to the community.

What does “enhance the academic and overall student experience” mean?

  • The SLC is an academic building. A priority of the Academic Plan is the Student Experience. Check out the Plan (PDF |  Accessible PDF) for ideas on how to align your activity to meet this criteria.

How can I be “intentional in my efforts to collaborate with an existing group/initiative/activity/resource on campus”?

  • There are many existing groups, initiatives and resources on campus. We encourage you to take advantage of what is out already there. Discover them by searching through some of the resources provided by ConnectRU.

What does “priority will be given to activities that are non-traditional in their approach” mean?

  • This is a world-class learning destination and TMU students are notoriously creative. If there are two requests to use the space for the same date and time, the one who has the most innovative way of maximizing the Amphitheatre space will be given the green light.

Can a private activity be hosted in the Amphitheatre?

  • The Amphitheatre is located on the main floor and adjacent to the lobby of the SLC. It is an open space that promotes an inclusive environment. All activities taking place in the Amphitheatre should have an inclusive design that is engaging and inviting for anyone in the vicinity. Consideration to minimizing barriers for attendance is critical in this expansive space.

Who can I contact about making use of the Amphitheatre?

 What is the process of booking an activity in the Amphitheatre?Aerial shot of the SLC Amphitheatre

  •  It’s simple. Once you’ve visited the space and decided that it’s the right venue for your activity, simply follow the guidelines and fill out the form. Once the request form has been submitted, the Events Review Committee will get back to you with details on next steps in the planning process.

Who is the review committee, how often do they meet?

  • The Events Review Committee meets every two weeks. It is a group made up of students and members from the SLC staff and academic stakeholders. They are looking forward to hearing all of your creative ways of using the Amphitheatre and how they can set you up for success.  

How much time in advance of my activity date do I need to send a request form?

  • Requests for the Amphitheatre must be submitted at least six weeks before the event date. The earliest you can submit a request is six months before the event date. Please keep in mind the frequency that the review committee meets.

Wait, I still have questions about how to host an Amphitheatre event!

  • If there are any other questions we did not cover, please email us at We’re happy to help!