Booking A Desk

The SLC is open starting September 8th in a reduced capacity. We are focused on accommodating individual students whose home is not a suitable environment for academic study, who need a quiet, distraction-free space with reliable internet to attend online classes or to study. 

If you are able to study from home, that is the best and first option.

In order to visit the SLC, students must book a reservation through our internal booking system or have an appointment booked through Academic Accommodation Support (AAS), the Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC), or the Ryerson University Isaac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience Lab (DME).

Throughout the Student Learning Centre, we have always been proud to provide hundreds of individual study carrels for students to use as a space to learn and focus. This year is going to look a little different than most years and we recognize that home is not always a suitable place for students to do their best work. Reopening with COVID-19 has meant we have had to implement many changes in the SLC.  The biggest being our reservation system!

Our booking system allows us to keep track of who is in the building, when they are in the building, and where they were located. This information is crucial for contact tracing as well as informing our cleaning staff on the highest priority touch points to clean throughout the day. Booking a space also allows us to regulate the amount of students booking at once, which helps keep traffic down — this keeps everyone safe!

You can book a desk up to 5 days in advance. The longest single sessions available in a day are 5 hours (from 8AM-1PM) and 6 hrs (from 2PM-8PM) as the SLC will be closed for cleaning each day from 1PM-2PM. You will be able to book a max of 15 hours per week, you may divide those hours within the week in a way that works best for you — there is no daily limit.

Collaborative Group Work Rooms (CGWRs) are currently offline. 

When booking a reservation we ask that you arrive at the SLC with your OneCard, your emailed reservation confirmation, and a willingness to follow guidelines and keep the Ryerson community a safe place for everyone.

When using our booking system there are several different views to book from, we recommend using the ‘Map’ view. There is a time slider that allows you to set when you want to book and check the availability on the selected floor. Desks will be marked as available by little green plus signs. Each desk has been given a unique ID number. This number will help you find the correct desk!

A study desk is identified by three pieces of information in its name:

  • A number indicating the floor where the study spot is located (3, 5, 7 or 8)
  • The letter denoting the type of study location (C=Carrel, T=Table, G=Grad Space)
  • Up to three digits indicating the study location’s individual number

So for example, study location 7C012 refers to study carrel 12 located on the 7th floor of the SLC.

If you have any accessibility questions or concerns regarding our booking system or locating your assigned desk, please contact us at

For more information on what to expect when arriving at the SLC check out our last blog ‘The SLC is Reopening! Here’s what you need to know!’