Discover the Floors

The SLC has become a physical manifestation of Toronto Metropolitan University’s spirit and a world-class destination for generations of students to come.

In addition to its award-winning glass exterior, the SLC has many unique characteristics on each of its floors. Click on each floor below to explore what the SLC has to offer.

Student Learning Centre Floor map

Floor 8 – The Sky – Collaborative and Individual Study Space.
Floor Stories: Meet Luke & Vivian

Floor 7 – The Forest – Quiet Floor & Graduate Study Space.
Floor Stories: Meet Aileen & Soonalika

Floor 6 – The Beach – Casual Seating.
Floor Stories: Meet Daniel & Erykah

Floor 5 – The Sun – CGWRs & Seminar Rooms.
Floor Stories: Meet Joe & Mohamedarif

Floor 4 – The Garden – Student Life & Learning Support  and Academic Accommodation Support
Floor Stories: Meet Meera & Tori

Floor 3 – The BluffsDMZ SandboxToronto Metropolitan University Library’s Isaac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience Lab.
Floor Stories: Meet Safir & Madison

Floor 2 – The Bridge – Bridge to Library
Floor Stories: Meet Mardy

Floor 1 – The Valley – Amphitheatre & Starbucks
Floor Stories: Meet Noor & Preethi

Want to see it for yourself? Explore the SLC online using our Google Tour or sign up for a tour of the SLC.