Fall 21-22

The SLC will reopen on Tuesday September 7, 2021!

Students must make a reservation, and have the Ryerson Safe App downloaded before arriving at the SLC. A link to our booking platform will be provided on our Instagram @ryersonslc as well as on our website under the ‘Booking‘ tab on September 3rd at 5PM.

SLC building hours will be Monday to Friday from 8AM to 11PM. Last entry at 10 PM.

This semester the SLC will only be open to currently enrolled Ryerson students. The SLC is operating at a reduced capacity and we are prioritizing our students. 

The SLC will remain closed to walk-ins and guests at this time.

Everyone entering the SLC will need:

Upon arrival, students must have:

Upon arrival, students must check in at one of our check in desks located on the first floor before proceeding to their booked space.

During your visit to the SLC, masks will be mandatory throughout the building and while at your desk or in a CGWR.

Read more about:
Ryerson’s Mask Policy
Physical Distancing on Campus
Ryerson Safe App Health Screening
COVID-19 Vaccination policy

If you have any accessibility concerns regarding our booking system or navigating the SLC at this time please email us as slchelp@ryerson.ca

SLC Booking System

Our booking system allows us to keep track of who is in the building, when they are in the building, and where they are located. This information is crucial for contact tracing as well as informing our cleaning staff on the highest priority touch points to clean throughout the day. Booking a space also allows us to regulate the amount of students booking at once, which helps keep traffic down and provide a safe space for everyone.

Reservations will be made online. You can find a link to our booking platform under the ‘Booking’ tab. Reservations must be made with your Ryerson University log-in. 

The easiest view to use is the Maps view. You can look through floors 3, 5, 7, and 8 for available desks and CGWRs. Available desks and CGWRs will be marked with a green plus sign. Desks that are unavailable for booking will be grey.

You can reserve up to 25 hours of space per week and up to 5 days in advance.  

Reservations must be made before arriving at the SLC. 

Checking in

When you arrive at the SLC you must have:

Students arriving at the SLC for an AAS or CSDC appointment must provide the appointment time and room.

When you arrive at the SLC the far left two doors will be marked with entrance signs. There may be a line and we ask that you line up 2 meters apart. If there is not a line, you will need to tap your OneCard to enter the building.

If you need to use the accessibility door, you will enter using the far right accessibility door by tapping your OneCard. To help create an efficient and smooth check-in experience for everyone, we ask that only those who need the accessibility door use this door.

Multiple check-in desks will be located on the first floor. Each student must check in showing their OneCard, or provide their AAS or the CSDC time and room number before accessing the rest of the building. Follow instructions from the signs, floor decals, and staff members when arriving. 

If you have any accessibility concerns or questions regarding the  entrance, the check-in process, our booking system, or finding your desk, please contact us at slchelp@ryerson.ca

Temperatures will not be taken at the SLC. You will be asked to self assess via the Ryerson Safe App whether you are experiencing any potential symptoms, as well as if you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive or traveled outside of Canada in the last two weeks. You will be expected to answer honestly and to the best of your ability.

All guests must stay 2 meters apart at all times and keep elevator use to two people per elevator. We are asking that all students maintain physical distancing within the SLC. If you are conversing with another student we ask that you keep your mask on and keep the recommended 2 meter distance between you.

Mandatory Masks

You will be expected to wear a mask while inside the SLC. This is the best way to keep our community safe.  An individual may temporarily and briefly remove a mask or face covering when necessary to eat or hydrate. We ask that your mask stay on whenever possible. If you don’t have a mask we will provide you with one. 

This is in alignment with Ryerson’s Mask Policy and the City of Toronto Bylaw.

Please help us keep the SLC a safe place for students by respecting these guidelines.

Floor access

The first floor of the SLC will be primarily devoted to checking students in, providing distanced lines for elevator waiting, and be home to our Welcome Desk. We will not be providing bookable space on the first floor. The first floor Starbucks Starbucks will reopen on September 7th. Starbucks hours are Monday to Thursday 9 AM to 7 PM, Friday 9 AM to 6 PM.

The second floor doors to the Ryerson University Library will be closed. Access to the Library will be through Victoria Laneway. The Library will be operating separately from the SLC.

All on-site services will be by appointment-only. You can keep up-to-date with the library on their Instagram @ryersonulibrary.

All students requiring access to the Ryerson University Isaac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience Lab (DME) located on the 3rd floor must enter through the Library’s 2nd floor entrance only. Students arriving at the SLC entrance for DME access will be redirected to the Library’s 2nd floor entrance for contact tracing. From there, DME staff will come to the entrance and escort you to the DME. Students wishing to visit the DME must book a time in advance with the Ryerson University Library. To exit, students will be escorted to the library exit by DME staff. 

Student Life & Learning Support will continue to operate online. You can contact the SLLS front desk at slls@ryerson.ca and stay up to date by following their instagram @ryersonslls.

The 4th floor will not be available for students to study on.

The 6th floor will not be included in booking options, however students are able to move to the sixth floor for a change of scenery, to take a phone call, speak with a louder voice, or stretch their legs. We expect students to maintain physical distancing and continue wearing their mask while on this floor.

The 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 8th floors will have bookable desks and tables, spaced 2 meters apart. 

Collaborative and Group Work Rooms (CGWRs) will also be available to book using our booking system. CGWR reservations must be made by one individual on behalf of the group. When booking, there will be an information field asking for up to 1 additional name (for 4 person CGWRs) or 3 additional names (for 8 person CGWRs). This indicates the number of people authorized to also study in the CGWR during the time it is reserved. 

Building Operations

All bathrooms in the building will be open for use. They have been approved at a capacity of 1 person per washroom. We ask that you respect this capacity limit and wait if a washroom is in use.

Charging stations and vending machines will be available for use. We recommend washing or sanitizing your hands after use of any common touchpoint.

A mask can be removed for brief periods of time to eat or hydrate, but must be placed back on directly after. We recognize that snacks and hydration are key components to your health.

Students can also leave and re-enter the building within their reservation timeblock. You will, however, need to check back in at the check-in desk on your way into the building.

Water bottle refill stations will be open to use for students who bring reusable water bottles. 

If you have any questions, or concerns we welcome you to contact us at slchelp@ryerson.ca or visit our headquarters on the 5th floor in room 516.

Important message from Ryerson Health and Wellness: We all know this year is going to be different. Connect with peers and help each other navigate this new environment with @trimentoring peer and group mentoring – head to ryerson.peoplegrove.com to get matched!