Humans of the SLC – Pt. 1

Having just passed the SLC’s third year anniversary, let’s take a look at what students and staff have to say about the heart of Ryerson’s campus! Humans of the SLC aims to showcase users’ experiences within the building and reflect on what exactly makes a place feel like home. This is a project created by students for students. This is your story and your SLC.

Shanzeh Faisal, 1st Year Politics and Governance Student: 

“I came a week late into university so I felt a little behind in making friends. I met a group of people in class one day and they all wanted to go somewhere to study and hang out so we moved to the SLC. My first experience at the SLC was actually making my first few friends at Ryerson.”

Kieran Lynch, 3rd Year RTA Media Production Student:

“I’m in third year now and my first experience with the SLC was in first. I would come here with some friends who lived in residence with me. We’d come in groups of five or six, find a common spot and just do our own work. It was social so it still felt very collaborative even though we weren’t working on the same project – or even in the same program for that matter.

Muaz Masood & Claire Rocha, SLC/Library Specialists, Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Team:

“Being a Library Specialist is similar to being an SLC Specialist. We help out at the Welcome Desk and roam the building to help maintain it to its world-class standard. We make sure everything is okay, all the supplies are stocked and everyone is safe.” -Claire

“Not only that, but I feel like our job is to be helpful to students as well. It’s important to us that we are friendly and welcome everyone with a smile. Anyone should feel as if they can approach us and ask questions.” -Mauz

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Humans of the SLC created by David Chau & Danielle Howson