Humans of the SLC – Pt. 4

Humans of the SLC aims to showcase users’ experiences within the building and reflect on what exactly makes a place feel like home. This is a project created by students for students.

As the final part to this pilot, we share with you the stories from the creators themselves, David Chau and Danielle Howson. This is their story.

David Chau, 4th Year Business Management Student, SLC Specialist

“Storytelling through photography was one of my goals this year. Ryerson University is such a diverse place where individuals come from different programs, backgrounds, and come for different purposes. I wanted to highlight these stories to provide students a platform to share their voices.”


Danielle Howson, 3rd Year Creative Industries Student, SLC Creative Team Student Blogger:

“I have always been interested in telling stories and I thought this was an amazing chance for the users of the SLC to tell theirs. This project encompasses everything that I love about working here; collaboration, creativity, and fun. I’m excited to see where Humans of the SLC goes and am grateful to be a part of it.”

This concludes our first edition of Humans of the SLC. We hope that this pilot has resonated with you on how you feel about the SLC. There are many ways we each use this space and how it shapes our experience here at Ryerson. Thank you to everyone who participated and shared a small glimpse to your story. 

Want to share your own story of the SLC? Contact us at and you can be featured in the next edition of Humans of the SLC!