Maximum Exposure at the SLC

The School of Image Arts’ year-end show, Maximum Exposure, displays the work of over 150 undergraduate Photography and Film students. This year, we are piloting the support of Maximum Exposure at the SLC by providing the student-led team with the opportunity to extend the week-long exhibit. The display in the Ryerson School of Image Arts runs from May 2nd to May 8th. Following that, you can find the exhibit in the SLC on the first, fifth and sixth floors from May 13th to June 4th.

In Maximum Exposure’s seventh year participating in Toronto’s Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, Image Arts students are given the chance to interact and connect with industry professionals while exhibiting their work in a professional setting. The SLC’s unique architectural design and atmosphere introduces Maximum Exposure to new audiences and opportunities to interact with the Ryerson and Toronto communities.

By bringing Maximum Exposure to the SLC, we are focusing on enhancing students’ out-of-class experience and supporting its aim “to help launch the careers of these emerging artists, and create a strong sense of community within Image Arts and Toronto’s arts and culture scene”.