No Postering/Solicitation policy

I’m involved on campus. Can I put up posters or campaign within the SLC?

Can I put up posters in the SLC?

To keep it looking #worldclass, the SLC has a no postering/solicitation policy. As an alternative, the SLC uses dedicated digital signage and information kiosks to promote initiatives within the building. Traditional postering is used only by Facilities and building maintenance crews to advise of temporary issues (e.g. out of order bathroom stalls, hazards, etc.). Unauthorized posters or promotional materials in the SLC will be removed.

For more information on putting up posters elsewhere on campus, check out Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU)’s Community Regulations Posters section.

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OK, no posters. But can I campaign?

Yes, you can, but you must have a campaign badge from the SLC Welcome Desk or SLC Headquarters (SLC 516). Campaigning is restricted to Floor 1 and Floor 6. For more details, check out our campaigning guidelines.