Parodos Festival

Written by Jr Creative Narrator Zeina Abouchacra

The School of Performance, located at 345 Yonge Street will be hosting their annual Parodos Festival from June 14 to June 17. Check out the exciting and diverse work of dance, music, theatre, and spoken word of emerging and established artists side-by-side.

On June 15th at 7:00 pm an all-free dance workshop will be presented by The Toronto Dancehall Association to learn the basics of old school, mid school, and new school Dancehall moves.

On June 16th At 9 p.m outside of the steps of the SLC, there will be performances by 4 DJ artists including DJ Dopey, DJ Jasper, Jazz Money, and Jayemkayem.

Be sure to visit the multi-cultural, and multi-generational summer festival! For tickets and more information check out the Parodos Festival event page