RU Sustainability: The SLC Series: Programmable Blinds

SLC Programmable blinds
Photo by: Sammy Tangir

“This November is host to a new series exploring the sustainable features of the newest member of Ryerson’s family of buildings: the Student Learning Centre (SLC). This month will feature the SLC’s energy-saving programmable blinds, windows and panelling.

The programmable blinds at the SLC work in sync with the lights on each floor. Due to the location of the SLC, there is only a need for blinds on the south-west side of the building.  These blinds move with the rising and setting of the sun to optimize the amount of natural light in the building and reduce the amount of energy used on artificial light. The blinds move up and down using a program called Lutron, which is preprogrammed for the entire year’s sun movements based on the location of the building.”

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