DMZ Sandbox

DMZ Sandbox is a startup and talent incubator that helps emerging entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into a competitive tech business. Programs include Basecamp, one of Canada’s top student incubation programs, Startup Certified, which helps youth find co-op positions with industry-leading tech companies, and the Sandbox Student Grant Program that funds and supports the best student-led startups.

  • Student Grant Program: A stage-based funding program that offers up to $15,000 for innovative Toronto Metropolitan University student-led projects and initiatives that positively impact the Canadian economy and society.
  • Startup Certified: A one-semester program designed for Toronto Metropolitan University students looking to launch their business. The program includes access to Toronto’s top tech startups and DMZ’s leading roster of entrepreneurs and mentors.
  • Basecamp: A six-week accelerator program for high-school and university students that help emerging entrepreneurs develop innovative ideas and gain market and customer validation.
  • Digital News Innovation Challenge: A Canada-wide incubation program that supports leading digital news ideas and early-stage tech companies driving innovation for journalism and news organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship Clinic: One-on-one drop-in sessions for entrepreneurs looking to refine their business ideas and understand the fundamentals of the lean canvas model with help from seasoned DMZ and industry experts. 
  • FounderX: A tailored opportunity to shadow esteemed Canadian startup founders during a typical work day in order to gain hands-on mentorship and access to a broad open network.
  • Craft + Consult: A six-week intensive training program to help aspiring consultants learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, technology and gain a comprehensive overview of the industry through industry insight.

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