SLC 101!

Want a recap of everything mentioned in our IG Live on @studentlife? Here it is! All the essentials you need to know about the SLC.

What is the SLC?

  • The SLC is the large glass building with the blue entrance, located at the corner of Yonge & Gould.
  • The SLC has 8 floors of unique study space where students can study independently, collaborate, and invent. 
  • The building has been designed with students in mind. Hundreds of students were consulted to understand study habits and their preferences for services and activities. 

A few of the things students identified as needs were:

  • The need for alternate types of spaces for study. 
    • The SLC offers that through differently themed floors, quiet work spaces, independent work spaces, collaborative group work rooms and collaborative tables, as well as casual seating throughout. There is a space for everyone!
  • The need for dedicated group study spaces. 
    • The SLC has 61 bookable group study spaces.
  • The need for natural light. 
    • With floor to ceiling glass windows covered in a surface treatment known as a frit pattern that creates variation between direct sun and diffused light,  you will be able to find space that’s just right for you. Even gloomy days feel a bit brighter at the SLC.


What is a CGWR?

  • CGWR stands for Collaborative Group Work Room. They are bookable rooms designed for group work. Each room has a whiteboard, dry erase markers, a monitor, a table, and chairs. Currently CGWRs can be used at 50% capacity.

How do I book a CGWR?

  • CGWRs are booked through our online platform, Skedda. You can find more information about booking as well as the link to our platform on our website under the booking tab. Our website is you can also find the link to our booking page in our linktree on Instagram @ryersonslc
  • CGWRs can be booked for a maximum of 40 hours per week per student and for up to 5 consecutive hours. 

Do I have to book a CGWR to use one?

  • If you see an empty CGWR you are welcome to use it, however if a student arrives who has booked the space you will need to pack up and make the space available for them.

What’s the 30 minute rule?

  • If a student is more than 30 minutes late to their CGWR booking their reservation is forfeit and they can not claim the room if it is being used. This helps reduce the number of rooms that get booked and then don’t get used. We expect students to respect this rule and negotiate room use amongst themselves. However, if you experience a dispute regarding a CGWR please contact one of our staff members at the 1st floor welcome desk or our headquarters on the 5th floor and we will be happy to help. 

SLC Access

How do I get into the SLC?

  • The SLCs entrance is located at Yonge and Gould. Check in desks are just inside the entrance on the first floor. We will ask for your OneCard to tap for contact tracing, as well as your RyersonSafe proof of vaccination. If requirements change we will provide updates on our website as well as on our Instagram @ryersonslc
  • Masks must be worn in the SLC at all times. 

When is the SLC open?

  • The SLC is open Monday – Friday: 8AM-11PM with last entry at 10PM and Saturday – Sunday: 12:00PM – 8PM with last entry at 7PM. Closure reminders and hours changes are announced on our Instagram!


Can I eat while I’m at the SLC?

  • The SLC team recognizes that food and hydration are essential for study! You can absolutely eat and drink while in the SLC. We do ask that you keep your mask on unless actively eating or drinking – having food or a drink open next to you is not an exception from wearing a mask. 
  • If you bring a water bottle, the SLC has water refill stations located near the bathrooms on all floors.


Is there anything other than study space in the SLC?

  • The SLC is home to some great services!
    • The 4th floor houses the SLLS, Student Life and Learning Support where students can inquire about and receive specialized tutoring, workshops, and study support! Check out their Instagram account @ryersonslls
    • On the 3rd floor you will find the Ryerson University Library’s Isaac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience, also known as the DME. The DME aims to provide students with the tools they need to explore, create, and innovate. Students can attend workshops, guest lectures, and tutorials to enhance their digital educational experience. For more information check out the Ryerson Library’s Instagram @ryersonulibrary 
    • And our yummiest service lives on the 1st floor… Starbucks is located on our first floor, their hours starting on Feb 28th are: Monday -Thursday 8AM – 6 PM and Friday 8AM – 5PM, their current hours end at 4PM.

So come grab a coffee, book a room or pull up a sunny seat on one of 8 floors to study, watch an online lecture, or just enjoy the views between classes! To keep up to date with all things SLC follow our Instagram @ryersonslc – see you soon!