SLC Principles

It takes a village.  Or in our case, the Ryerson community to build and open a complex project like the SLC. Ryerson has seen other complex projects come to life with much success. This is why we decided to take a page from their book in best practices.

When the MAC was near-opening, the teams working together on the project crafted a set of principles. These served as a the foundation for a system of belief and behaviour. It helped them be in sync when decisions needed to be made and when they were faced with competing priorities.

We set out to do the same. With the help of many students, individuals and groups from across campus, we have outlined key principles which are guided by Ryerson’s values and reflect the university’s vision.

  1. Respect the needs of the students
  2. Maximize use of the SLC in ways that support the first principle and promotes academic stakeholder activity
  3. Leverage opportunities for student and Ryerson community engagement
  4. Foster a dynamic environment
  5. Enhance Ryerson University’s reputation

These principles illustrate the priorities and also the university’s commitment to building a world-class destination for students.

Each principle is important in its own right and together they serve as the foundation for a dynamic student-centered environment.

These were first presented in draft-form to the RU Leaders group of students in mid-June. The RU Leaders group is a nonpartisan meet-up of Ryerson student leaders with the goal to work collaboratively and identify opportunities for cross-faculty projects and events. The group has representation from student societies, RSU, athletics, student affairs and other groups from across campus.

The RU Leaders shared the list with their peers, provided us with feedback. At their most recent meeting on July 23rd, they concluded that the proposed principles could now be adopted. The principles represented their interests and they would be a great guide to help set the course.


We have 5 solid principles to take us forward. Over the last few months, we have used these principles as a guide towards a vibrant and successful opening of the SLC.