Want to engage with the Toronto Metropolitan University community? Have a message to share? Take advantage of the foot traffic at the SLC and book a table! 

As one of the busiest buildings on campus, tabling at the SLC is a great way for your university student group to connect with the community.


There is no cost for Tabling for sanctioned student groups and individual students or groups of students to conduct course work or to fundraise for course-related activity. 

Tabling is intended for student engagement activity and may not be used as study space.

Fees apply for external organizations or those that include some external collaborators. Email to inquire about rates.


Tabling requests must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days (i.e. not including weekends) and a maximum of one month before the requested tabling date. 

*Please note we require a minimum 15 business days lead time for all tabling requests. Requests with less than 10 business days notice will NOT be processed. 

Groups can book a table up to twice per week and up to 4 hours per booking.

Layout of the SLC Amphitheatre

1. Find a Date

Find an available date using the calendars below.
(Reminder: Tabling can only be booked up to one month in advance.) 

Calendar – Tabling Section 1

Calendar – Tabling Section 2

Calendar – Tabling Section 3 

2. Submit Your Request

Submit your request through the SLC Tabling Request Form.

Please allow at least 2 business days for a response to your submission.

Before you book, please read and understand our Tabling Guidelines below:

Tabling Guidelines

SLC Principles

Your activity must:

  • Be reputation-enhancing by design
  • Enhance the academic and overall student experience
  • Be intentional in its effort to collaborate with an existing group/initiative/activity/resource on campus
  • Be welcoming to any student or Toronto Metropolitan University community member
  • Be inclusive in considering how to make the activity accessible by minimizing barriers for attendance  

No Shows

Tablings will be considered a no show if a scheduled Tabling event is not checked-in within 15 minutes of the scheduled booking time. Without providing 24-hour notice ahead of time, your tabling request will automatically be canceled and your group will lose tabling booking privileges for a duration of 2 weeks.

Tabling Boundaries & Etiquette 

To ensure accessibility for all users, organizers are advised that all materials brought in for Tabling, aside from a pull-up banner or signage on an easel, should fit on the table itself. (The table measures 6′ x 2′.)

Organizers are to stay close to their designated table and to keep pathways clear.  It is recommended that you let students choose to stop and approach you at your table. You may engage with students, however, you cannot go out of your designated Tabling space to call out and stop students.


Music may not be played at tabling activities to be respectful of other students and events in the space. No additional music/audio equipment is permitted. 

Signage & Postering

Stand alone signage is acceptable (physical or digital – ie. banners, laptop monitor displays). 

There is no postering permitted in the SLC. Alternatively, you may request an easel to put up your poster on the main floor upon check-in.


Packaged food items are preferred. Keep in mind proper food handling techniques (ie. use of gloves, hairnets, proper hand washing, visible ingredient list) if giving out non-packaged food items.

External Organizations

Tabling space in the SLC is offered by and for the Toronto Metropolitan University community to engage with students, create community, raise awareness of and fundraise for worthy causes, and enrich campus life. External entities such as not-for-profits/charities are welcome to collaborate with a Toronto Metropolitan University student group to strengthen and support their cause.

Commercial entities may not use a Toronto Metropolitan University student group to gain tabling/event space. Such “backdoor bookings” will not be tolerated and will result in the revocation of tabling/event privileges for the student group for the remainder of the academic year.

If you are a non-Toronto Metropolitan University community member or a member of an external organization, please contact to provide details of your activity and to inquire about rates.

Tabling FAQ

Can I bring my own table and set-up in another location in the SLC for my tabling activity?

Tabling activities must follow SLC guidelines outlined above, which require using our approved tables.

Can tabling occur outside of the SLC’s Gould Street entrance?

The ramps and stairways are a high-traffic entrance and exit for thousands of students every day. We are working to keep this area barrier-free and open to ensure easy access for all.

The sidewalk space at the front of the stairs leading to the SLC belongs to the City of Toronto. Special permission from the City is required to set-up any type of activity there. 

Can I put up posters in the SLC promoting my tabling activity/event/student group?

To keep the SLC looking tidy and world-class, a no postering policy is in place. Digital signage may be submitted to the campus-wide screen network

All tabling activities are listed on the digital screens above the 1st floor elevators for all guests to see. 

If I want to book multiple dates, do I have to submit more than one form?

Yes, please! Each date requires a separate request form to ensure accuracy.

Have other questions about tabling at the SLC? Email us at