Tabling FAQ

Can I bring my own table and set-up in another location in the SLC for my tabling activity?

  • Tabling activities must follow SLC guidelines outlined above, which require using our approved tables. Besides, the process and guidelines were crafted and supported by a group of Ryerson students!

Can tabling activity occur outside of the Gould Street Entrance of the SLC?

  • The ramps and stairwells are a high-traffic entrance and exit for thousands of students every day. We are working to keep this area barrier-free and open to ensure easy access for all. The sidewalk space at the front of the stairs leading to the SLC belongs to the City of Toronto. Special permission from the Transportation Department is required to set-up any type of activity there. The contact for Right of Way, Ward 27, City of Toronto is 416-392-7877.

Can I put up posters in the SLC advertising my Tabling Activity?

  • The SLC has a no postering policy but has an alternative promotional channel through digital signage. All tabling activities are inputted in our digital information kiosks, so be sure to fill out on the submission form! Tabling activities are also on the digital screens above our elevators for guests to see. 

If I want to book multiple dates, do I have to submit more than one form?

  • Yes, please! Each date requires a separate request form to ensure accuracy