The SLC Unveils its New Gould Street Entrance

Exterior shot of the SLC Gould Street DoorsExciting news! The newly redesigned SLC entrance doors are now operational and ready to welcome the community.

With your needs in mind, this project was undertaken to ensure that the SLC is always improving to create a positive experience for all who come through its doors.

Thanks to your feedback, the new doors will:

  • Be lighter, making them easier to operate
  • Moderate airflow, enhancing temperature control in the SLC  
  • Be more sustainable, adapting to the SLC’s high use frequency

Thank you for your patience and continuous feedback. Throughout the next few weeks, we will continue to make small improvements to our front entrance to keep our building world-class.Revolving doors in the SLC Amphitheatre

At the SLC, we measure our success by actively listening to the Ryerson Community. We pride ourselves on being nimble and absorb your input to ensure the SLC reflects all those who use it as a space to collaborate, innovate and learn.

For more information, contact or stop by our Headquarters in LIB272B SLC 516.