Accessibility alternative text for SLC Virtual Tour

Graphic Alt Text:

The SLC Virtual Tour graphic is a long scrolling graphic depicting a cross section of the Student Learning Centre (SLC) set against a bright blue sky background. At the top of the graphic is a large banner reading “Welcome to the SLC” below that banner is the following text:

“Welcome to the SLC! The SLC is a world-class learning destination where students can study, collaborate, and invent. It features eight floors of unique study space based on input from hundreds of students. Students can find collaborative group work rooms, quiet study space, casual seating, and open space all with bright natural lightning for an optimized student experience.”

The graphic of the SLC starts with the roof and as you scroll down you go through all 8 floors until you come to the ground entrance. The roof is gray with a green section and grass like shapes of varying shades of green. This represents our green roof. Beside the green roof graphic is the following text:

“The SLC has three green roofs. The green roofs are one of the contributing factors that helped the SLC achieve a LEED Gold Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Another feature of the SLC that makes it a leader in LEED is its rainwater-harvest cistern that can collect and distribute about 9,235m3 of rainwater per year. The harvest water can then be used for green roof irrigation as well as for toilets and urinals. This helps conserve about three and a half Olympic-size pools worth of water each year.”

The remainder of the graphic is broken down by floor starting at the 8th floor. Each floor has a minimal graphic that showcases one or more of the floor’s features and is paired with a small text bubble of information.

Floor 8: The Sky. 

Graphic: Two students sit at a table, one working on a laptop and one with a stack of books. Behind the students is a depiction of a large floor to ceiling window with a view of the Toronto skyline. 

Text: The Sky provides a great panoramic view of the city and lots of natural light. This floor offers both individual study space and collaborative study space where students can come to connect and work with their peers. The pattern on the windows is called a Frit Pattern. The shapes of the frit pattern act as frames to the city view. They also reflect solar glare, boost overall energy efficiency of the building, and mitigate bird strikes.

Floor 7:

Graphic: A student sits with her laptop and a coffee at a desk sectioned into individual workspaces. Another smaller graphic shows an alternative seating option; larger, comfier chairs with an attached small desk space for a laptop or a book. 

Text: The Forest. Looking for a quiet or silent study space at Ryerson? Come find a seat on the 7th floor. This floor is dedicated to providing students a quiet and focused study space, especially during exam periods. The 7th floor also provides bookable Collaborative and Group Work Rooms (CGWRs), and a reserved study space for graduate students.

Floor 6: 

Graphic: A student is walking down a ramp using crutches while another student sits in an upright chair greeting them. A third student lounges in a comfortable reclined lounge chair reading a book.

Text: The Beach. If you are looking for a place to relax or work where you can bump up the volume a couple notches, this is it! The Beach offers the largest casual study space for students to come hang out or work in a relaxed setting. This popular floor welcomes students to socialize, de-stress, study, and more! 

Floor 5: 

Graphic: A student in a wheelchair sits at a table with several books across from another student. Behind them is a large wall-mounted whiteboard and a TV screen.

Text: The Sun. The 5th floor offers the perfect balance for students. It is a place where there is not too much noise, but it isn’t entirely silent either, making it a great learning space to study, casually, sit, or even relax. Floor 8, 7, and 5 all have Collaborative Group Work Rooms (CGWRs). CGWRs allow for group study of 4-8 people, depending on room size. Each CGWR is equipped with a table, chairs, a whiteboard, markers, and a screen. (There are 61 study rooms throughout the SLC for students to reserve online).

Floor 4: 

Graphic: Two staff members stand behind a desk labeled “Reception.” Both staff members are smiling.

Text: The Garden. Need extra help on a subject? Student Learning Support (SLS) offers services and programs to help students achieve academic success. Services offered here include: Academic Accommodation Support, English Language Support, Math Support, Study Skills and Transition Support, Writing Support, Help for Graduate Students, and Test Centre.

Floor 3: 

Graphic: Two separate graphics depict both the DMZ Sandox front desk with two staff members standing behind it as well as the The Ryerson Library Issac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience Lab (DME) front desk with two staff members and a computer. 

Text: The Bluffs. Need help turning your business ideas into a reality? The DMZ Sandbox is a startup and talent incubator that helps emerging entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into a competitive tech business. The Ryerson Library Issac Olowolafe Jr. Digital Media Experience Lab (DME) allows all students to engage in hands-on innovation and experiential learning with state-of-the-art and new technologies: 3D printing, an augmented sandbox, VR equipment and more!

Floor 2:

Graphic: A student walks up the stairs from the second floor to the third floor. At the base of the stairs are two potted plants. To the right of the stairs is the start of an enclosed bridge leading offscreen with a student walking towards an offscreen destination. 

Text: The Bridge. This floor “bridges” the SLC to the rest of Ryerson. It is a main access point to other campus buildings such as the Ryerson Library, Podium, Kerr Hall, Jorgenson Hall, and Rogers Communication Centre. The bridge also offers optimal stadium seating options for a bird’s eye view of the Valley.

Floor 1: 

Graphic: At the bottom left corner of the floor is a desk with the word “Welcome” on it. Behind the desk sits two student staff wearing their uniform red shirts. In the middle of the floor there are four elevator doors. There are stairs that lead up from the first floor to the second. To the very right of the graphic is a counter with a green coffee logo. Behind the counter is a smiling and waving barista in a green apron. 

Text: The Valley. This large, open space can be booked by students, faculty and staff to host events. There’s usually something happening every day in the Amphitheatre during the academic year! It is a popular space to hold student group events, information booths, career fairs, and more. Have any questions? We have staff readily available here and roaming throughout the building to assist and guide students and visitors. What’s Found Here: SLC Welcome Desk, Amphitheatre/Tiered Seating, Starbucks.

Visit us! An iconic structure in the Toronto city skyline located just north of the bustling Yonge and Dundas intersection, the SLC is the symbolic ‘front door’ of Ryerson University and host to a wide range of student and academic activity.

We invite you to visit the SLC and experience it for yourself. Whether you are a long-standing Ryerson community member or this is your first time on campus, you will feel excited, inspired and engaged, and will become a part of the world-class experience that is the SLC.

Graphic: At the very bottom of the scrolling graphic is a small graphic depicting the front entrance of the building. It shows the stairs leading up to the front doors, series of ramps to the right of the stairs, and the elevator entrance to the right of the ramps. The entrance elevator goes from ground level to an exit outside the building at the top of the ramps. Ramp, elevator, and stair users all access the building through the same main entrance.