What does the Strategic Projects Liaison do?

My name is Carrie-Ann and I’m here to help you fill the Student Learning Centre (SLC) with pride and purpose beyond traditional study space.

As the Strategic Projects Liaison for the Office of the Provost and Vice President Academic, it’s my job to help students understand what the SLC is and what it will mean to their Ryerson learning experience. Most importantly, I’m here to ensure that students are involved in shaping it.

I work closely with “RU Leaders”, a nonpartisan meet-up of Ryerson student leaders with representation from student societies, RSU, athletics, student affairs and other prominent student groups from across campus. I am also reaching out to other groups and individual students on campus for their help and input.

Below are a number of ways that you can learn about and engage with the SLC even before its doors open in 2015.

Consultations and info sessions:

I’ve already met with 20+ groups on campus and have more meetings scheduled over the rest of the summer. If you are a student leader on campus contact me to discuss how I can engage with your group.

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Big ideas:

Already, students from across campus have come up with some big ideas on how to get involved. I will help facilitate those initiatives in order to ensure their success. Here are two examples:

  • SLC Ambassador Program:

Join a team of dedicated students who want to help spread the spirit across campus, inform students about the SLC and welcome them into the building when it opens. The program details are still in development. If you’re interested in shaping and joining the team, contact me.

  • LIB Invigorate:

Be a part of student-driven initiative which is made-up of “refresh” projects’ that will help to revitalize and infuse the current Library with student pride and spirit. Students want to ensure that the sister-towers of LIB and SLC are the heart of the campus. If you are interested in being part of rejuvenating the LIB, contact me.

This blog:

Keep informed through this blog. If there are any topics you have in mind, let me know and I’ll see if I can find the answers.


The creation of the Liaison position by the Provost is testament to the importance the university places on you, the students. This role was created to support the launch of the Student Learning Centre and to strengthen the innovation ecosystem on campus in ways which support the Academic Plan.  It was designed to foster university priorities related to student engagement, innovation, reputation and city building.

Anytime you have “work with student leaders to identify and promote ways to build a world-class destination for students at the SLC and leader in Zone and innovation network activities” – you know it’s going to be an exciting assignment. The start date was June 9th, 2014 for a one year term.


My home-base is LIB 395. You will often find me around campus meeting with students and helping them connect in ways which will foster a dynamic student-centred environment.

Students need more space to study and collaborate. The SLC will serve this need regardless. At the heart of my task is to help students fill the space with Ryerson spirit.

I’m thrilled to be assigned to this important project, and I’m honoured to be part of this historical time at Ryerson. I know I can count on you to help deliver what will be the groundwork for excellence in student engagement practices for years to come.