Your Input Matters

Survey Results

Student consultations have been a priority from the start of this project. Everything from space function and design to furniture selection. The Student Learning Centre’s (SLC) many unique characteristics were influenced by students who came before you.

In 2008, the provost invited students to answer a few questions to help shape the building. It was clearly important: 1,490 students responded.

Students were asked about what should be added to the SLC and what advice they had about its design. If you read through the 200+ pages of responses, you will see where some of the existing designs germinated. We can thank these students for some of the key design elements. Here’s what was emphasized:

  • The need for natural light. The design: transparent glass ‘skin’ has a surface treatment known as a frit pattern to create varying lighting qualities within the interior. You will be able to find space with direct sunlight or more diffused lighting.
  • The need for alternate types of spaces for study. The design: distinct and interpretive featuring collaborative work rooms, casual seating, quiet individual study space, and open areas.
  • The need for dedicated group study spaces. The design: 60 bookable group study spaces.

In the spring of 2009, hundreds of individuals and groups were consulted to understand study habits and their preferences for services and activities. This data demonstrated that quiet space and group study rooms were in high demand. Natural light was again a key desire for students. The architects’ design certainly reflects those priorities.

Today, we continue the process of consultation. The most recent opportunity for your input was in early July 2014. Students were asked for their feedback about the use of space and hours of operation. As the opening date approaches, we need your help on setting operational functions. And just as students before you influenced the design functions, you will help influence the decisions on how the SLC operates.

961 students responded: 94% of which were full-time students and 95% of which are undergraduate students. Students from every faculty participated and the distribution of respondents directly correlates to the size of each faculty . This means that our sampling is great and accurate.

The responses confirm that the design of the SLC is consistent with what students need and the way students anticipate using the space.

The question on hours of operation was also of great importance as it will help determine how best to program the building. The current hours of operation for the Library vary during the school year. [Peak hours: opens at 7:00 a.m. and closes at 1:00 a.m.] The SLC will have a bridge connection to the existing Library building. The question posed was: “Should the hours of operations for the SLC be the same as the Library?”. 64% of respondents said yes. This will help direct the hours of operations for the SLC at its soft-opening.

Survey Results

From past to present, the voice of Ryerson students influences development. The opportunities for engagement will continue leading up to and following the opening of the building. Subscribe or check back often to learn how and about the newest opportunities for input. Thank you for your help in making the SLC a world-class destination for students for generations to come.